St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital


Message from President

More than a century after St. Luke’s Hospital was founded in Tsukiji around the start of the 20th century, a designated area for international residents, we still heed the mission statement that was formulated by its founder, Dr. Rudolf B. Teusler, in 1933 as the driving force behind our management operations.

President Shinichi Ishimatsu

Shinichi Ishimatsu

This hospital is a living organism
designed to demonstrate
in convincing terms
the transmuting power of Christian love
when applied
in relief of human suffering

Christian love means that all individual staff provide medical care that supports and comforts patients suffering physical and emotional pain just as God loved us so that he sacrificed his own son, Jesus Christ, for this world. In the same way, living organism means to grow highly sensitive to advances in medicine and changes in the social environment, backed by leading-edge education and research to provide high quality medical and safe care.

To achieve this, since 2012, this hospital has received accreditation every three years from Joint Commission International (JCI), an international hospital evaluating organization, ensuring that we conduct the same efforts for medical safety and quality improvement conducted at top-class hospitals around the world. Additionally, in 2019, this hospital gained accreditation as a Magnet Hospital, a global standard of nursing, verifying us as an attractive organization from a nurse’s viewpoint. Furthermore, in December 2020, this hospital was accredited as a special functioning hospital that offers advanced medicine, continuing to strive forth in our efforts to promote the provision of advanced and safe care.

We take pride in our acceptance of more than 10,000 ambulances annually, and that we can serve as a truly general hospital by serving both as an emergency care hospital with highly specialized intensive care facilities while also covering palliative care and fields that consist mainly of outpatient services. We maximize the benefits of having been integrated as an affiliated institution with St. Luke’s International University in 2014 to provide medicine that is continually trusted by our patients.