St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Nursing at St. Luke’s

Message of the Director of Nursing

YANAGIBASHI Reiko, Vice President of the Hospital and Chief Nursing Officer
SUZUKI Chiharu
Vice President of the Hospital and Chief Nursing Officer

Since 1901, when St. Luke’s International Hospital was originally founded on Christian principles, innovative medical and nursing measures have been proactively introduced in various ways and fields in observance of the mission to “provide high-quality patient-centered medical services.”

At the Nursing Department we aim to improve the Quality of Life of all our patients, independent of health level. Acute awareness that the nursing care provided by every individual nurse forms the building blocks of our entire department underlies the positive atmosphere towards independent educational activities including in-hospital training programs and performance review committee evaluations.

In collaboration with the College of Nursing and the Graduate School of Nursing Science, we pursue improvement of nursing services through research endeavors as a domestic work field of numerous researchers and a clinical site of advanced nursing practice by graduate nursing students.

At this hospital we also strive to maintain a healthy work environment that encourages career development and work continuation. Clinical Nurse Educators take the lead in the application of educational programs that serve to motivate and support career development.