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Specialists active in The Nursing Department

Introducing our Certified Nurse Specialists and Certified Nurses

At St. Luke's International Hospital, specialist nurses of the various fields are working as resource nurses.

Certified Nurse Specialist(22) Certified Nurse(25)
  • Cancer Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • Genetics Nursing
  • Chronic Care Nursing
  • Brest Cancer Nursing
  • Cancer Chemotherapy Nursing
  • Radiation Therapy Nursing
  • Palliative Care
  • Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Pediatric Emergency Nursing
  • Intensive Care
  • Chronic Heart Failure Nursing
  • Infertility Nursing
  • Infection Control
  • Dementia Nursing
  • Visiting Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nurse

Genetics Nursing / Megumi Ohkawa, RN

Megumi Ohkawa

I am working as a CNS in genetics nursing. Currently, I am involved in the nursing care of patients with possible "inherited cancer" at the Clinical Genetics Department and Medical Oncology Department. Nursing needs for patients who receive genetic tests for cancer treatment are increasing. Even if the cancer is cured, heredity cannot be changed. In addition, heredity affects not only the individual but also one’s blood relatives. In clinical practice, I work with a multidisciplinary team to support each patient. Nowadays, most medical treatments, both domestically and internationally, require knowledge of genetics, and it is the same with nursing care. I love my work and try to show the daily enjoyment in it so as all the nurses who care at St. Luke's International Hospital will have interest in genetics.

Cancer Nursing

Taking on a function as a regional cancer-treatment hub hospital, we focus on providing high-quality nursing in cancer treatment and supporting cancer patients and their families. Currently, there are 6 certified nurse specialists in cancer nursing, and each of them demonstrate their expertise in various ways such as unit-based direct care for cancer patients/families, multidisciplinary cooperation, ethical advice, planning and management of training programs, engagement in related academic societies, study groups, and regional collaborative activities.

Names Unit Specialties
Mikako Takahashi Medical Oncology Department Symptom consultation, palliative care consultation, AYA survivorship outpatient
Misato Oosaka Medical Oncology Department Lymphedema care, appearance care, breast cancer patient support group
Ikumi Nakamura Gastroenterology/Pulmonary Medicine Department Mental care after cancer notification, decision support, symptom consultation
Yukie Hosoda Integrated Women’s Health Decision support, symptom consultation, lymphedema care
Sanae Konnno 7E unit Symptom relief and decision support for patients with advanced cancer
Megumi Nakamura PCC Research Department・Community Liaison Office Cancer consultation, support program for cancer survivors and families

Our work is not only to practice direct care for patients and their families with complex needs, but also to improve the quality of nursing care throughout the hospital. Also, we aim to sustain continuity of care by discussing ways to support cancer patients so that they can live the lives of their own.