St Luke's International Hospital

St Luke's International Hospital


For overseas health insurance holders(No Japanese Health Insurance holders)

Please pay 100% of your medical bill upfront and apply for reimbursement from your insurance company later by yourself.
Expensive treatments and medications may not be reimbursed without prior approval.
Please contact the insurance company for confirmation on your responsibility.
We do NOT directly negotiate with overseas insurance companies.


Please apply at the Documentation Service Desk. (1st floor, Counter #9)
It will take around 3 weeks to get the document ready.
Please notify your doctor beforehand/at the consultation of documents urgently necessary for your private insurance company.

Documents, such as itemized bill for the insurance claim or test reports will be issued only in Japanese. However, most major insurance companies have their own translation departments and accept documents in Japanese. Please inquire with your insurance company if they can accept documents in Japanese. If the insurance company still demands documents in English, please contact a professional translation company/agency at your own volition. One such company we can introduce is as follows:

Emergency Assistance Japan

Please contact the above company directly in regards to timelines and fees..

Cost estimate inquiries

Outpatient: 1st floor, Counter #6
Inpatient: 1st floor, Counter #15

For overseas insurance companies

Guarantee of payment (GOP) letter

We do not accept GOP from overseas insurance companies. We only accept GOP issued by one of the assistance companies listed below.


All inquiries must go through an assistance company. Basically, we do not respond to requests such as; frequent updated medical reports, telephone calls to attending doctors, full issuance of medical charts, complicated co-pay and deduct conditions.

Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) +81-3-3811-8124
International SOS Japan +81-3-3560-7170
MS&AD GRAND ASSISTANCE +81-3-4334-0509
INTAC (Tokyo Marine International Assistance) +81-3-3572-8677
Europ Assistance Japan +81-3-6744-3322
Euro-Center Sydney +61-2-8274-5700

JHI (Japanese Health Insurance) Holders

※ Please note that we do not accept insurance from overseas for JHI holders.

Please pay your bill on your own upfront by following JHI payment procedures, And then file for reimbursement later.



※ 日本の健康保険に加入していらっしゃる方は、海外の保険と併用いただくことはできません。窓口で自己負担分をお支払いいただき、ご自身で海外の保険会社へ返金の手続きをしてください。

ATM machines are available in the hospital.

Business Hours

Mon-Fri : 7:00AM-7:00PM
Weekends & National Holidays : 8:00AM-5:00PM

We accept cash, as well as the following credit cards and debit cards: