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Childbirth at St. Luke’s International Hospital

Childbirth is originally a naturally occurring phenomenon. Despite this, “giving birth to human life” is a difficult and sometimes life-threatening job. While the majority of births end safely without any medical intervention, there are some that require intervention such as medications, caesarian sections (C-sections), anesthesia, etc. On the other hand, implementing these kinds of treatments brings about additional complications and side-effects. Here at St. Luke’s, we work as a team in determining the necessity for medical intervention, and if necessary, when and by what methods should it be done so that deliveries are safe for both the mother and child.

Here at St. Luke’s International Hospital, also designated within Tokyo’s Regional Perinatal Centers (RPC), our various specialized departments will continue to handle childbirth in pregnant women of all kinds such as pregnancies, multiple births, and complications (e.g. endocrine diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid disease, and hereditary diseases within cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumors, kidney disease, epilepsy, etc.) brought about in advanced maternal age pregnancies and fertility treatment and of course normal pregnancies and deliveries.
Our hospital’s NICU is available for babies that are born small, require treatment, or those in other situations. When necessary, physicians specialized in neonatal care and pediatric surgery will take care of treatment.
With anesthesiologists also present, we are capable of handling emergency surgeries as well.

At St. Luke’s Maternity Care and Birth Clinic, prenatal checkups linked with St. Luke’s International Hospital are available exclusively to Chuo-ku residents in Tokyo. In collaboration with physicians at St. Luke’s International Hospital, our midwives assist patients in managing their pregnancies through conducting detailed guidance to prepare both their bodies and minds and extract their “birthing capabilities” as much as possible.
Deliveries are done at St. Luke’s International Hospital to arrange a safe and comforting birthing environment.
After successfully giving birth, patients will return to St. Luke’s Maternity Care and Birth Clinic where we will conduct postnatal maternity care for their after-birth lifestyles and childcare.

Those who have given birth at other hospitals may also utilize the short-stay service (postnatal care lodging) conducted at the St. Luke’s Maternity Care and Birth Clinic.

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