St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Inpatient Care

Our philosophy toward medical care is summarized in the first 3 articles of our Objectives of the Hospital Management.

  1. To ensure collaboration with patients, we take into consideration patients’ values in clinical decisions.
  2. To ensure quality medical care, we practice "evidence-based medicine."
  3. To provide holistic medicine, we coordinate the expertise of the whole hospital staff.

We strive to offer an excellent hospital experience to our patients and their family by practicing medicine in line with the philosophy.

Patient satisfaction rate is 95.7%

At St. Luke's we perform a satisfaction survey of all patients at the time of discharge. In response to the question, "Are you satisfied with this hospital in general," 95.7% of the surveyed patients answered that they were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied." We accept this high evaluation with grace as we continuously do our best to achieve an even better satisfaction rate.

Graph : 97% of patients say "Satisfied" with our care

QI: Quality Indicator & Quality Improvement

Since 2006, we have reinforced to measure and improve our quality of care. Our quality indicators (QIs) have been made public since 2007, well ahead of other healthcare organizations. Rather than using these data to compare ourselves with other hospitals, we utilize QIs to continually improve the quality in our own hospital.

A safe, stress-free, and comfortable environment for your hospital stay

All general rooms are private

All ward rooms are basically private.

All ward rooms are basically private.

With the exception of some intensive-care units, pediatric, newborn nursery, and palliative care wards, all general ward rooms are private. There are multiple advantages of healing in a private room.

  • Privacy Protection
    Not only does a private room protect patient privacy, but it also allows comfortable conversations with visitors. In our facilities, we do not place name cards at the entrance to rooms.
  • Quiet Environment
    In rooms with multiple patients, other sounds, voices, and televisions can bring unwelcome noise. Patients at our hospital need not worry about noisy rooms, and can spend their time in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Infection Control
    A number of bacteria and virus exist in hospital facility. With a private room, the risk of getting an infection in the hospital is significantly lower.
  • Amenities
    Although varying by room, most private rooms include a television, DVD player, refrigerator, and bath, allowing patients to enjoy the comforts of home. For a list of amenities by room type, please see this page.