St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Cancer treatment and consultation/guidance

St. Luke’s Cancer Treatment

At St. Luke’s International Hospital, which has “advanced general hospital functions,” we incorporate “one-stop services” and “team medicine” as part of our effort to provide high-quality and safe medical care to all patients and their families

Advanced general hospital functions

Patients with underlying diseases like diabetes, hypertension or other lifestyle-related diseases, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, and those with various other complications can receive cancer treatment while continuing treatment of their underlying diseases/complications based on each person’s individual condition.

One-stop services

Please visit the hospital once, so that the appropriate department can be assigned and the examinations and treatment you need to undergo, and hospital admission can be decided as necessary. Once you are registered in the system it will also help to manage your treatment and hospital visits after discharge and to introduce a medical institution in your community or organize home visitation services.

Team medicine

Not only specialized physicians, but also various other medical specialists gather whenever necessary to make sure you receive the most appropriate care of the highest quality. You can also be introduced to a patient-centered salon inside the hospital and any of various patient support groups where patients can discuss matters of common interest with other people dealing with the same problems and specialists in the field.