St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Cancer-related consultations

The Cancer Support Center is open for consultations on cancer. We provide accurate medical information on cancer in general as well as specific guidance on cancer treatment and care, and other cancer-related matters.

-Telephone consultations-


Consultation hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
Tel: 03-5550-7098 (direct line)

Anybody is welcome to make use of this service that is free of charge. Please note, that we may not always be able to answer the telephone immediately, depending on the situation, and you may have to wait to be helped.

To those looking for a hospital where patients in the early stage of pregnancy can undergo cancer treatment

Pregnant patients can consult us about undergoing chemotherapy. Please see here for the details.

Working Patients' Circle (“Shuro ring”)

Do you wish to know about the different aspects of working while undergoing cancer treatment?

At our group meetings we study and discuss matters that can be of help to support your “Treatment and Working Life Balance.” We look at the different problems cancer patients experience when they continue to work, and participants share specific details of their own situations. We want this group to be a place where each participant can find some solutions to the individual issues they face to realize their ideal “work-life balance.” The group meetings are also attended by nurses, social workers, and labor consultants, who can help solve specific problems.
Please see here for the dates of meetings and other details.

Purse Circle (“Osaifu ring”)

You are welcome to join the meetings of this group where we consider the financial aspects of cancer treatment and the related problems and concerns people have.

At “Purse Circle” we study the actual cost of cancer treatment and consider ways of looking at our personal “life plan” in a group. A financial planner gives lectures and advice, and these group discussions can support you in making your own “Treatment and Life Plan.”

Cancer Patient Support Program “Living in peace with cancer”

Cancer has become one of the chronic diseases, but when patients receive the diagnosis that they have cancer for the first time, they experience various concerns and problems, in their daily life. Through this program you can learn some medical facts about your own disease as well as ways to handle it - as proposed by medical specialists. You can also exchange views with other people who are in the same situation as you, about such matters as your feelings and also share useful tips and other information that can all make a contribution so that you may live with peace of mind.

Program for those who have a loved one with cance

When someone receives a diagnosis of “cancer,” not only the patient, but also those close to the patient face many fears and uncertainties. At St. Luke’s International Hospital, we provide a program for all people in such positions to share with others in similar situations their concerns, fears as well as helpful information to help them face their circumstances with hope and peace of mind. Please see the following program that is available, and join us.

St. Luke’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an approach of “concentrating on one’s mind (feelings) in the present moment,” without being side-tracked by the past or the future, to ease stress. It is an effective concept that is applied in clinical medical practice all over the world.

The medical application of the mindfulness approach started when Jon Kabat-Zinn of Massachusetts University, USA, developed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course in 1970. Although Buddhist teachings underlie the origin of mindfulness, the religious aspects have been eliminated and the principles can be widely used regardless of culture. It is not only effective in the handling of mental and psychological problems, but also for pain and other physical problems. Please join us.

Cancer Survivorship Support

Breast cancer survivors

Childhood cancer survivors Long-term follow-up

Child Support