St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Childbirth at St. Luke's International Hospital

Prenatal Checkup

An obstetrics and gynecology doctor offers detailed checkups. Several pamphlets are also available, so please feel free to ask any questions or talk about concerns at the time of your visit. As a general hospital, expectant mothers with complications or those who require psychological support will receive medical care with the cooperation of other departments.

Midwife OPD

The midwife and doctor will practice checkups together and give advices on queries and lifestyle guidance. They will relieve concerns on body building before and after childbirth.

Fetal Ultrasound OPD

In order to understand the state of the fetus accurately, those who are interested may receive an ultrasound screening. This procedure is to see whether the baby has a condition that requires treatment before or after birth. Patients who required further tests from the prenatal checkup are advised to also take this screening.

Amniotic Fluid Test

With the cooperation of the Department of Clinical Genetics, we offer total care including counseling. Please click here for more information.

* English Speaking Classes are not offered. On Monday afternoon, consultation by English speaking midwives is available.

Delivery Management in St. Luke’s International Hospital

Our hospital takes part in women’s reproductive care guarantee system

With the premise on natural childbirth, more than 1000 babies are delivered each year. A L.D.R room is equipped, which allows the mother to stay in one room from the start of labor to recovery. We aim for our patients to have a comfortable and satisfying delivery. Also, there are facilities and medical technologies that allow speedy, 24 hour support in the case of adverse events. Our hospital is designated as the Perinatal Medical Center in Tokyo and accepts high-risk pregnancy proactively, focusing on safe and sure care through advanced medical treatment. The C-section rate at our facility is 30%. Eased-pain delivery using epidural anesthesia is available for expecting mothers who medically require it. For detailed indication, please consult with your OPD physician.

Rooms in the ward

There are 2 types of room available.

Every room is private, and it comes with a toilet and shower. Visitation is available for 24 hours, considering each visitor’s lifestyle. However, please refrain from staying overnight.

Care during Hospitalization

Detailed care such as breast-feeding instructions, a rooming-in system to spend time comfortably with babies and bathing tutorial before discharge are given by obstetricians, neonatologists and midwives. Also, those who have given natural childbirth (vaginal delivery) will receive an aromatic oil massage by a midwife 2 days after delivery for recovery.

Newborn nursery and NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Our facility is fully equipped with a NICU, and we actively accept cases such as preterm delivery and babies with complications. A 24 hour support system by neonatologists will care for the mother and child at all times. Please be aware that according to the situation of the obstetric ward and NICU ward, acceptance may be difficult in our facility.

Puerperia (optional stay)

Mothers who have given natural delivery can choose puerperium care from between St. Luke’s International Hospital and St. Luke’s Birth Clinic.

Pueperia Check-up

A postnatal examination takes place approximately one month after discharge. It is an opportunity to consult postpartum conditions and anxiety about mothering to the outpatient physician or a midwife. If necessary, cooperation with other departments is available.

Breast milk consultation

Throughout pregnancy and puerperium, midwives will answer questions and give detailed advice on breastfeeding. We also give advice on weaning.

Puerperia (short stay)

Mothers who are nervous about beginning childcare at home right after discharge or those who need puerperium care may receive accommodated care at St. Luke's Maternyty Care and Birth Clinic.

Infant checkup

Babies born in our hospital receives continuous checkups until age 3 at the Well Baby Clinic. For more information, please visit the Pediatrics homepage.