St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

What it means to be a Designated Cancer Hospital

At St. Luke’s International Hospital, we evaluate the cancer treatment of each patient using the PDCA cycle, to continually improve the handling.

What is the PDCA cycle?
By repeating the 4 steps of Plan (Set a plan) → Do (Implement the plan) → Check (Evaluate the results) → Act (Implement improvement measures), the quality and safety of cancer treatment is continually improved.

At this hospital the following PDCA cycle is followed.

  1. Proceed with the implementation of mouth care
    Provide extensive mouth care to cancer patients
  2. Perform pain screening of cancer patients.
    Establish a system to screen cancer patients for their physical pain, mental/emotional agony, and for obstacles in their daily lives.
  3. Enhance public relations activities
    Provide a wide variety of information related to cancer (treatment, cancer guidance, cancer study groups, etc.) in an easily accessible way to patients and their families.