St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Clinical Genetics Department


Board certified physician and nurse provide the genetic counseling. We help you (patients and family members) understand complex genetic information and support for decision making. We are available for genetic diseases including prenatal diagnosis and familial cancers.

Diseases and Expertise

  • We are frequently contacted for the following inquiries. If there is anything that is troubling you, please contact us by e-mail. (International Department:
  • Regarding Pregnancies/Birth

    • Are there any effects on the baby for advanced maternal age?
    • Results from the triple marker and quad screen test indicate that I have a high probability of having a baby with Down’s syndrome…
    • I was told that my baby’s neck is swollen during an echo test. What should I do?
    • My cousin has Down’s syndrome. Would this possibly affect my child?
    • I had an X-ray examination when I was 10 weeks pregnant. Is my baby okay?
    • I took some medicine while I was pregnant. Is this a problem?

    For consultations related to medication, we have a specialized clinic set up on Wednesdays called “Drugs in Pregnancy Clinic”.

  • Regarding Familial Breast Cancer/Ovarian Cancer, Hereditary Colon Cancer

    • My two sisters had breast cancer. Is this hereditary?
    • I am concerned about the fact that many members of my family were diagnosed with cancer.
    • I’ve had breast cancer and am worried about my daughter.
    • My mother had breast cancer and my aunt had ovarian cancer. I am worried that I will get cancer as well.
    • I am concerned about getting cancer, so I would like to take a genetic test.
  • Others: My Father passed away from a genetic disease. Will I inherit it as well?

    • What kind of diseases is caused by genetic abnormalities?