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Foot Surgery Outpatient Clinic

For Patients with Foot Pain

A referral letter is not necessary for patients feeling pain in their feet and ankles. For information regarding consultations, please contact the Appointment Services Desk.

The foot is a small organ but is a very important part of the body because it is the only organ that comes in direct contact with the ground. The foot is composed of 28 bones and 33 joints, and like the hand, it has a very complex structure. The structure of the foot is strong and functional, but external force and the response to external force may cause various diseases if balance is lost. Culture of wearing shoes and an aging population have made injuries and illnesses increase rapidly, but the current state is that there are very few Orthopedic Surgery specialists who can conduct proper diagnosis and treatment. There is a wide variety of causes for foot pain. There are external injuries caused from twisting and bruising, repetitive stress and specific illnesses that may cause pain. There are over 100 kinds of existing diseases and may need expert knowledge in order to reach a diagnosis.

Common Foot Diseases

  • Traumatic Disease
    Ligament injuries(ankle ligament tear etc.), tendon lesions (Achilles tendon rupture, etc.), bone fractures (ankle, calcaneus, scaphoid, talus, metatarsal, etc.), osteochondral injury, dislocation of peroneal tendon, stress fracture, athletic injuries, etc.
  • Degenerative Disease
    Bunion, hallux varus, Hammer toe, foot deformities from rheumatoid, polio or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, flatfoot, hollow foot, etc.
  • Osteoarthritis
    Hallux rigidus, ankle osteoarthritis, other joint-related osteoarthritis of the foot
  • Tendinopathy
    Posterior tibial muscle tendon dysfunction, Achilles tendon enthesopathy, etc.
  • Synostosis
    Subtalar joint, calcaneonavicular joint, etc.
  • Epiphysiopathy
    Sever’s Disease, Freiberg’s Disease, etc.
  • Osteophathy
    Os tibiale externum disease, Triangular bone disease, etc.
  • Paralytic Disease
    Drop foot, etc.
  • Metabolic Disease
    Gout, diabetic foot (Charcot Foot), etc.
  • Congenital Disease
    Clubfoot, etc.
  • Sesamoid Disease

We also conduct examinations for foot diseases and pain that are not listed above, or do not have a diagnosis. Please come in for an examination at our department if you have foot or ankle pain that does not improve even after receiving treatment. We will select the optimal treatment method for each of our patient’s condition.

Please bring in a pair of shoes you often wear to your examination. This will help with the consultation.

Orthopedic Surgical Consultation Physician:Kentaro Amaha