St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Oral Surgery Department


  • At our outpatient department, we take time with each patient to conduct the best and most efficient oral surgery treatment with plenty of informed consent.
  • We conduct treatment with the cooperation of other departments in the hospital. Therefore, patients under the care of other departments can receive consultations comfortably.
  • We strive to make progress in treatment by placing emphasis on cooperation between hospitals or personal doctors for general dental diseases.
  • For first-visits, please bring a referral letter from your doctor. For revisits, please make sure to make an appointment (appointment only).

Diseases and Expertise

  • Stomatognathic Disease
    1. Tumor: Oral Cancer, Tumors in the Mouth and jaw/oral and maxillofacial tumors (Benign/Malignant)
    2. Inflammation: Pericoronitis of Wisdom Tooth, Periostitis of the Jaw, Osteomyelitis of the Jaw, Odontogenic Maxillary Sinusitis, etc.
    3. Injuries: Jaw Fractures, Tooth Luxation, Orofacial Injuries
    4. Jaw Deformity: Maxillomandibular, Protrusion or Retrusion (Maxillary retrusion , progenia, mandibular protrusion, etc.) Facial Asymmetry, etc.
    5. Oral Mucosal Diseases: Aphthous Ulcers (canker sore or stomatitis), Xerostomia, etc.
    6. Small Operations such as Extracting Impacted Tooth/Cystectomy and Preprosthetic Oral Surgery
    7. TMJ Arthrosis/Sleep Apnea Syndrome
    8. Dental Implants
  • We conduct treatment for our inpatients and for those patients with underlying diseases such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and diabetes, which make treatment at general dental clinics difficult.


  • MRI, CT, Ultrasound Echo, LINAC, etc. as hospital facilities
  • DentaScanCT (CT/3D image software for implants), YAG Laser, carbon dioxide laser, micro engine & saw, etc. are installed for implants and outpatient surgeries


We conduct diagnosis and treatment for oral and maxillofacial areas. We mainly conduct oral surgery treatment and have cooperation with other hospitals for general dental diseases. There are many cases where we conduct treatment with a base in organic coordination with related departments for patients with complications, utilizing our quality as a general hospital.

We have a wide variety of targeted illnesses such as tumors (malignant/ benign), injuries, inflammations, cysts, salivary gland disease, temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ disease), congenital anomalies and jaw deformities. Multimodality therapies centered on surgical treatments are conducted for oral malignant tumors. For extended operations, we conduct immediate reconstructions of free tissue transfers. For advanced cancers, a synergistic treatment is conducted with the palliative care department/ward. Small operations such as pulling out impacted teeth and cystectomy are frequent outpatient treatments along with implants and Preprosthetic Oral Surgeries. As a base hospital for cancer, we conduct oral management (surgery/maintenance) for patients going through blood stem cell transplants and chemotherapy, who have been requested by our internal medicine, pediatric, surgical or breast center departments.