St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Pediatric Surgery Department

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The Pediatric Surgery department mainly examines surgical diseases of children under the age of 16.

We also offer consultation examinations and treatments for adults who currently have or have been treated for pediatric surgical diseases in the past.

Surgical diseases of children have distinctive characteristics depending on the child’s age.

Children develop and have a long future ahead of them. Children are not miniature adults. Through their developmental process, they have various psychological and physical characteristics depending on their age.

The treatment methods for the same disease may be different between an adult and a child. It is important to seek the best treatment for your child with this mindset. St. Luke’s International Hospital is a Pediatric Surgery establishment authorized by the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons.

Besides Inguinal/Umbilical Hernias, which are representatives of general disorders in children,

we also examine and treat a wide range of other diseases such as malignant tumors, congenital diseases and emergencies.

Regardless of the disease, we take a holistic outlook for each child and aim to provide “a treatment that is easy on the body and mind”.

We offer day surgery for minor operations such as Inguinal/Umbilical Hernias and body surface operations in cooperation with the Anesthesiology department/Operating Room. In order to reduce the child’s anxiety associated with the operation, one parent may escort their child into the operating room until anesthesia induction. Any procedure that accompanies pain such as IV’s will be conducted after the child is anesthetized.

We will work in close cooperation with the pediatrics and other departments to offer a team medical care for children requiring long-term hospitalization.

For example, when treating Malignant Tumors, the Chemotherapy will be conducted by the Pediatrics department, Radiation Therapy by the Radiology department and any operations by the Pediatric Surgery department. All pediatric patients at St. Luke’s International Hospital will be admitted into the children’s ward regardless of their diseases in order for each department to work closely.

Our recent goal is to conduct minimally invasive surgeries (less stressful to the body). We have actively incorporated Laparoscopic Surgery for Acute Appendicitis/Inguinal Hernia in girls. We intend to further improve treatments in the Pediatric Urology field for diseases such as Cryptorchidism/Vesicoureteral Reflux/Hypospadias by cooperating with other domestic specialized facilities.

Circumcisions for religious purposes are not provided at our hospital. If it is considered to be medically necessary, we will conduct a Phimosis operation.

We actively incorporate operative procedures that have been proved beneficial both inside and outside of Japan such as Trans-anal Radical Operations for Hirschsprung’s Disease and Pectus Excavatum Operations using Pectus Bars.

At St. Luke's International Hospital, we do not perform circumcisions for religious purposes.We can conduct surgery for phimosis (Pediatrics Surgery Department) if medically appropriate.


  • Two Linac Treatment Devices (4,6,10, MV-X-ray)
  • CT scan (16 slice) for radiation treatment
  • Four 3D Radiation Therapy Planning Apparatus
  • Ultrasonic Guidance Reference System
  • Prostate Brachytherapy Device
  • Respiratory Gating System