St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Pathology Department


Diagnostic pathology or pathology tests involve the detailed examination of tissue or cell specimens that have been collected from patients, to make a diagnosis based on the histology or cytology. It also includes autopsy examinations that are performed to determine the cause of death.

To make a proper diagnosis, it is necessary to perform appropriate pathology tests accurately and quickly. The histology or autopsy diagnoses are checked by various pathologists, while all cytology diagnoses made by cytotechnologists are checked by a physician specialized in cytology. To assure that the diagnoses we make are relevant, we proactively organize clinico-pathological conferences and other review sessions with clinical departments, and also consult external specialists.

Diseases and Expertise

Pathology tests are performed for almost all departments. All members of staff are well trained in pathology in general, and some members have further specialized in the following organs or fields: Suzuki (liver), Fujiwara (head and neck), Sawada (nervous and endocrine system), Sugitani (liver), Akiyama (breast), Hayashi (molecular biology), Oinuma (cardiovascular system), Shiozawa (lymph nodes), and Hisayama (oral cavity)

  Autopsies (performed in-hospital) Histology diagnoses Cytology diagnoses Intraoperative rapid diagnosis
2009 54(9.47) 16,168 33,142 838
2010 62(10.2) 15,342 31,332 730
2011 45(7.6) 14,909 30,578 768
2012 49(8.2) 15,604 32,378 912
2013 41(7.0) 17,484 33,360 968
2014 36(6.0) 17,354 33,315 1039