St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Emergency Medical Care Center


The emergency department provides optimum medical care with full cooperation from each department at our hospital, centered on our dedicated physicians and nurses. We are prepared in to swiftly accommodate critically severe patients in the Emergency Care Center ICU by securing vacant beds. To fulfill our role as a supporting hospital, in the case of a natural disaster or emergency situation, will help victims and send our medical team to the disaster-stricken area.

Our Emergency Care Center was once an emergency room and emergency medical center until it was officially approved in 1999. It consists of three departments; Emergency Medical Care, CCM (ICU) and HCU (high care unit) that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emergency patients are taken care of by Emergency Medical Care Center staff in the ER (excluding some pediatrics and maternity cases) and are sent to department specialists when necessary.


  FY 2014
Total Outpatients 43,299 persons
Ambulance Acceptance 10,148 persons
(Critical Care Patients : 976 persons)