St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department


The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a specialized department that aims for “functional restoration” and “improvement in the quality of social life” of the patient, by treating abnormalities and deformities of various parts of the body.

We balance reconstructive surgery, treatments for tissue anomaly, deformation or deficits through microsurgery, and Aesthetic surgery which treats the figures of areas that highly concerns patients. It is a department that heightens QOL (quality of life). Most of our services are covered by the national health insurance but some treatments may not be covered depending on the content.

Our department thoroughly consults with each patient to select the best treatment method together after suggesting a few possible options. The plastic and reconstructive surgery department will work in cooperation with other departments so all our patients can receive treatments comfortably.

We may experience various changes in appearance, whether it is for hereditary reasons or as a result of various events in our lives (accidents, age, malignant tumors, etc.)

This may not impact one’s life directly but it is not only an issue of “appearance.” It may develop to influence not only our body functions but our emotions as well. The plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialized department that aims for “functional restoration” and “improvement in the quality of social life” of the patient, and is not a department that deals with specific organs such as the brain, lung or heart. We treat the abnormalities and changes in the form of body parts. The plastic and reconstructive surgery department is largely divided into two categories.

“Reconstructive Surgery”

Treatment of disorders such as tissue anomaly, deformation or deficits.

“Aesthetic Surgery”

Treatment of figures that highly concerns the patient.

There are no clear boundaries between these two categories. This is because body parts such as the face have social significance. We believe that our department can assist you to live each day more comfortably, help you to build self-confidence and to have a positive outlook on life.

Diseases and Expertise

  1. Congenital Anomaly: Lips, Cleft Palate, Congenital Anomaly on Arms and Legs, etc.
  2. Reconstructive Surgery: Tissue Deficit from Injuries and Operations, Treatment for Deformity
  3. Hand Surgery: Traumatic Amputation, Bone Fractures, Tendon Lesion, etc.
  4. Birthmark, Hemangioma, Benign Tumor
  5. Facial Injury
  6. Scars, Contracted Scar, Keloid
  7. Bedsores, Intractable Ulcer
  8. Burns
  9. Aesthetic Surgery: Wrinkles, Improvement of sagging skin, Aesthetic Operations on Eyelids/Nose


Number of Operations (FY2012) Inpatient
I. Injury 73 35 108
Burn, Frostbite, Chemical damage, Electric damage 2 1 3
Facial fractures, Soft tissue injury 47 8 55
External injury of the limbs 24 26 52
Loss of tissue due to external injury (Second reconstruction) - - -
II. Congenital Anomaly 37 12 49
Lip cleft, Cleft palate, Congenital anomaly of head and neck area 20 10 30
Congenital anomaly of limbs and other body parts 17 2 19
III. Tumor 117 393 510
Benign tumor (except laser treatment) 76 376 452
Malignant tumor 25 9 34
Sequelae of tumor 2 2
Reconstruction of loss tissue after the excisional of tumor 14 8 22
IV. Scars, Contracted Scar, Keloid 15 32 47
V. Refractory ulcer 36 8 44
VI. Inflammation, Degenerative disorder 26 67 93
VII. Aesthetic(Surgery) 15 72 87
Extra. Laser treatment 33 285 318
Laser treatment for benign tumor 33 269 302
Laser therapy for beauty treatment 16 16
Total 352 904 1256

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