St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

Medical Oncology Department


The Medical Oncology Department was established in July 2009. At the time it was a new medical specialty department in this hospital, as well as Japan in general. Medical oncologists who have undergone training in the United States of America lead the team of cancer treatment professionals from various fields to provide treatment with anticancer drugs (chemotherapy) to outpatients at the Oncology Center.

Cancer is an extremely complicated disease, as is its treatment, which can be divided into surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  To provide the safest, most effective treatment for every patient, we collaborate with other departments, and depending on the patient’s general condition and other medical factors, we can decide to change the doses of the chemotherapy, or to also combine surgery or radiotherapy, and if indicated, the best timing for such procedures. As one department of a general hospital, we collaborate with other departments if patients also have other underlying diseases, and treat patients together with a holistic approach.

We actively support patients if they wish to get a second opinion from another hospital, and coordinate the treatment in the best interest of every individual patient.

Diseases and Expertise

Chemotherapy for cancer


Ambulatory Infusion Center (the Oncology Center)

  • Patient Chemotherapy Chair: 39
  • Examination Room: 4
  • Pharmacy accommodated with 3 mixing hoods (for both outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy)
  • Conference Room

There are three-separated areas for chair assignments. The largest one has an open space with window view, and other two are designed for semi-private spaces separated by curtain. The main corridor connects the three areas for efficient traffic of patients and staff.

The conference room equipped with a computer and projector is located in the Center, and utilized for case conferences. All computers in the Center are connected to the hospital medical chart system.

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