Center for Integrated Sports Medicine


KITAMURA Nobuto, Director, Center for Integrated Sports Medicine

At St. Luke’s International Hospital Center for Integrated Sports Medicine, we examine and treat athletes of all ages and levels, from pure sports lovers to professional players.

Sports have various roles in our lives. By helping to maintain our health, enhancing our physical strength, giving us joy and a purpose, sports fulfill us emotionally and help prevent the onset of lifestyle-related diseases.

As sports have become popular and various sports are performed around the world, they are no longer a special pastime intended only to gain skills in a specific type of sport, or to participate in international competitions, limited only to a certain group of young people, but all citizens including young children and elderly people now actively participate in sports.

Despite these positive roles on the one hand, sporting activities are also associated with injuries and diseases that not only prevent continued participation in sport, but also inhibits enjoyment of the fun and refreshing excitement that lies at the heart of all sports. The sustained injuries and inabilities depend on the kind of sport and the level of competitiveness, and professional medical care is needed to select the optimal examination and treatment methods case by case. Even though there may only be one injury, its treatment may sometimes involve cooperation by various departments and divisions.

To quickly and smoothly reach an accurate diagnosis and provide the best treatment, it is necessary for the concerned departments and divisions to close work together on a daily basis. Teams consisting of professionals from various clinical and affiliated health departments are formed at this Center and aim not only to treat the obvious wound, injury or disease, but to simultaneously take a comprehensive approach keeping the wish to return to sports foremost in mind.

Please contact this Center if you are bothered by sports-related injury, disability or disease, if you have to make a tough choice about having surgery or other treatment, or when symptoms of unknown cause prevent active participation in sports, and any other similar instances. The latest medical technology will be applied to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the most appropriate treatment to each patient with a view on return to or continuance of sporting activities.

Director, Center for Integrated Sports Medicine


Characteristics of medical care

At this Center we provide medical care to the wide array of people with sports-related problems including sports enthusiasts from the community to top-level professional athletes. Our staff include doctors and affiliated health professionals who have supported Japanese professional athletes and national sport teams in a medical or health managing capacity and can apply their rich experience in sports medicine cultivated so far.

  • We aim to provide medical support that will achieve early return to the game, prevention of recurrence and long-term enjoyment of sport.
  • We choose the best medical care depending on the characteristics of the kind of sport practiced and the individual athlete and collaborate with related facilities and specialists outside this hospital if necessary.
  • We also conduct minimally invasive surgical procedures (arthroscopic surgery, etc.) with the least physical burden.


Diseases and Fields of Expertise

At this Center we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of the following sports-related injuries and diseases. Sports-related problems vary widely, but the characteristics and specialties of the various specialist departments are utilized to treat diseases concentrating on the following.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Integrated Women’s Health

  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Physical training -related menstrual cycle regulation
  • Amenorrhea/menstrual irregularities

Internal Medicine

  • Medical check-up
  • Screening for internal medicine diseases
  • Preventive vaccinations and measures against infection risks related to overseas trips
  • Measures against fevers/infectious diseases at the time of an overseas trip


  • Complications of brain concussion
  • Evaluation of neurological function after severe brain injury

Psychosomatic Medicine

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Panic disorder

Oral Surgery

  • Mouthpiece production
  • Evaluation of dental occlusion (dental bite) function


How to receive medical care

An advance appointment system has been introduced at the Center for Integrated Sports Medicine. Please contact the Appointment Services Desk (03-5550-7120).

<First-time patients>

If you wish to be seen at this Center, you do not have to have a referral letter. Please call the Appointment Services Desk (TEL: 03-5550-7120), and say that you wish to be seen at the “Center for Integrated Sports Medicine” when you make the appointment, and state the specialist field/disease for which you wish to be receive medical care.

<Patients who are being seen at another medical institution>

Please prepare a referral letter (letter with medical information) from the respective medical institution and call the Appointment Services Desk (TEL: 03-5550-7120). If you wish to have a second opinion, please prepare a referral letter (letter with medical information) etc. and call the Community Coordination Service (TEL: 03-5550-7105).

Patients who are seen at this hospital must please fill out a “Registration Form.” It is handed to you at the counter when you come to the hospital, but you can also download it and fill it out before you come. Please bring the filled out “Registration Form” to First Visit, Counter 4 on the 1st Floor of the Main Building.

Registration Form PDF file

Before seeing the doctor, you have to fill out the questionnaire PDF, and we recommend that you fill it out at home, rather than after you have arrived at the hospital.


  • ・Please bring your Health Insurance Card on the day of your consultation.
    ・Please go to Counter 4 on the 1st Floor of the Main Building, submit your Health Insurance card and receive your hospital ID card.

  • ・If you do not know where reception, accounting or any other places in the hospital are, please ask at the General Information.

<Please go to the concerned specialist Outpatients Clinic (Specialty Services)>

  • ・Once you have received your hospital ID card, please take the elevator or escalator to go to the concerned specialist outpatients reception counter.

  • ・1st Floor: General Internal Medicine
    ・2nd Floor: Orthopaedic Surgery/Cardiovascular Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
    ・3rd Floor: Gynecology (Integrated Women’s Health) / Psychosomatic Medicine / Oral Surgery